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NY Appellate Court Rules Against School Bus Stop-Arm Cameras

On November 30, 2023, the New York Appellate Court for the 9th and 10th Judicial Districts ruled against The People of the State of New York, specifically Suffolk County, for giving Alfred J. Croce a school bus stop-arm camera ticket. The reason is simple. There is neither an eyewitness to the infraction, evidence that the bus driver operated his bus lawfully nor evidence that the bus itself functioned properly.

Read the court decision:

Download PDF • 6.70MB

The reason behind this decision applies to every jurisdiction in the world. This is the main argument against bus stop-arm camera enforcement. It is important to understand that drivers themselves are not the problem. Drivers do not purpose to pass a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing. No driver wants to injure a child. The bus stop-arm camera industry simply preys on bad bus drivers and laws which unreasonably expect drivers to stop under unreasonable conditions. To prove this point, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration studied school bus injuries and discovered that 71% of all deaths are caused by the school bus driver:

Download PDF • 454KB


To start a class-action against your local government over this topic, I refer you to Suffolk County attorney David Raimondo, Esq.


Whereas red-light camera and speed camera enforcement rely on engineering malpractice to make a profit, bus stop-arm camera enforcement relies on bus drivers making bad decisions about where and how to stop.

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