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ASCE Luncheon - Yellow Lights & Red-Light Cameras

Most engineers believe that the yellow change interval practice is solid, well-established and not subject to contestation. Attorneys do not know what that practice is let alone contest it. Attorneys believe that when a driver runs a red light, the driver is 100% guilty. Question your assumptions. Reality does not follow belief. I will be presenting this topic at . . .

Over 90% of red-light violations occur because engineers use a math equation that pushes, via laws of physics, drivers into intersections on a red light. The result: government and private firm make criminals for a profit. Is the driver guilty of running a red light, or is the traffic engineer liable?

On February 15, 2024 from 12 PM - 1 PM, the American Society of Civil Engineers will host a lecture-luncheon on this topic at the NC State University Club. I will be presenting. Licensed professional engineers will receive 1 PDH. You may come in person or remotely attend. I recommend that you come in person because the food is sumptuous. The University Club chefs can really prepare a great meal.

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