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Photo Enforcement

Traffic Signal Timing

Engineering Practice


Brian Ceccarelli, PE


licensed professional engineer, providing governments and attorneys expert services regarding the engineering requirements and legal obligations of government, traffic engineers and photo-enforcement firms.   Photo-enforcement, traffic engineering, state engineering practice laws and local ordinances conflict with each other.   Each year the conflicts cause tens of thousands of personal injuries and enable municipalities to harvest billions of dollars of revenue from innocent motorists.

     "Several years ago I represented Brian Ceccarelli in a major case against Cary, NC. In that case he was both expert witness and plaintiff. He did a superb job as witness in each capacity. He prepared me to depose a half dozen other expert witnesses.

     For six years I have handled a case against Greenville, NC. Our victory in the Court of Appeals is pending in the State Supreme Court. In that case he provided expert witness affidavits and his analysis was unrefuted.

     We are also in the early stages of similar cases against Fayetteville and Wilmington NC. He provided preliminary analysis for us and is expected to be our expert witness at later stages.

     I wholeheartedly endorse his abilities as an engineer and as a communicator."

Paul Stam, Esq.

Apex, North Carolina

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